LED Light Compact Pocket Mirror

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LED Light Compact Pocket Makeup Mirror

Having good lighting is essential when it comes to achieving your desired look. Have you ever done your makeup and it didn't come out how you planned? We all have, but you can now easily get the look you were going for with our Compact LED Mirror. Featuring 8 Bright LED lights to ensure no details are missed, when it matters the most. This mirror is lightweight and perfect for use on the go. Simply toss the mirror in your purse, pocket, or wallet and use it whenever a boost in lighting!

  • Made of Durable ABS Glass 💪
  • Contains 8 LED Lights
  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling
  • Bright Lighting to Ensure No Details Are Missed, When it Matters The Most
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Foldable two sided with magnetic opening
  • Long Lasting 12V Battery 🔋
  • H 4.3" x W 3.3"
    Due to high demand, we are experiencing a limited supply, so get yours today before they're all gone!
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