Deluxe Mermaid Brush Set

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Mermaid Makeup Brush Set 
Acrylic rose gold or multicolored handle
10 and 15 piece sets available
H 6.5" x W 8.25"
Blend, buff and sculpt to perfection with this top-line brush set. Featuring a wide array of options designed specifically to target the face and eyes, making your contouring, blending and shading easier than ever. Unique dual-fiber bristles balanced with a tapered mermaid tail makes for easy handling, perfect for all applications from blush and bronzer to powder. When lining, defining, and blending this is a must-have to achieve your most flawless look ever.
These limited edition Mermaid Makeup luxury 10 and 15-piece brush sets feature a complete collection of your most essential brushes 😍.
  • Versatile range of top-quality face and eye brushes.
  • 6 Beautiful and Unique Styles to choose from.
  • Features soft synthetic bristles for a perfect blend and adjustable coverage for any formula, wet or dry.
  • Each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application.
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